What is LogoCraft.com?
LogoCraft.com is an online tool for creating professional looking logos for websites or stationary.

Do I need any software to create logos?
LogoCraft.com is completely web based. So all you need is browser to create great looking logos.

Do I need to pay for downloading the logos?
No. LogoCraft.com is completely free. You do not need to pay anything for the logos. The logos created are yours to keep. But you have the option to get the logos professionally designed by our expert designer for a fee. To request a custom logo Click here

How many logos can I create for free?
You can create as many logos you like for free. If you want to sell the logos at a price to others , be our guest. You still do not owe us anything.

How long do you keep the logos I crated online.?
We keep the logos for 12 months. You can comeback and work on them anytime.

How do I create a logo using LogoCraft.com?
You select a theme that matches your indented use. Select a template and add text for it. You can also change colors, font, size, for the images and text to make it as unique as you would like. Once done save it or download it in a format that best suits your need.

Do you have graphic artists who can create logos for me?
If crafting logos online is not your thing, our graphic artists can whip up something great for you. Custom designed logos starts at $49 per logo. Click here to request one.

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